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Sy...'s journal
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Date:2014-02-16 22:17
Subject:Gackt can look like both,


Fei2A copy

fei 1 copy


Aki1 copy


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Date:2013-03-04 22:33
Subject:Fei Long's birthday wish list (activity)-something cute

A little cute greeting wishing passion and love....um, apparently chibi Asami has enough of posing with these two "show offs"...
Fei Long belongs to Yamane Ayano and chibi art belongs to many talented people.
Manipulation by me.

Untitled-12 copy



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Date:2013-03-03 00:22
Subject:Fei Long's birthday wish list (activity): mini manga

All characters and drawings belong to Yamane Ayano.
Manipulation by me.
No offence to any character intended, I've just played with them for Fei Longs' entertainment. Total AU.

Akihito/Mikhail version (click on the picture)
Birthday enterntainment Akihito/Mikhail

…Akihito is gorgeous for this, and sexi Mikhail, honestly, I think would fit the role of a striptease dancer so naturally, and contrary to Akihito would probably run for it, but I could not find the fitting picture of him for that scenario!

original Akihito/Yoh version (click on the picture)
Birthday enterntainment Akihito/Yoh

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Date:2013-02-19 21:38
Subject:VF drabble - "Sexual"

Pairing: Fei Long, Yoh, and mention of Asami
Spoiler: None Rating: R for language, AU
Disclaimer: All Viewfinder characters belong to Yamane Ayano.
Summary: The seven years of pinning only for Asami are over and after overcoming inevitable difficulties,  Fei Long has settled down with Yoh. Here is a drabble from my AU story arc “Unknown Territories” I’m working on, and which takes place a couple of years after “Naked Truth”.
Author’s notes: My thanks go to krambi003for her great help with editing and English; any eventual mistakes are mine. Also all critique and suggestions are very welcome as it's my first fantic. Hope you'll enjoy.


Night after night Yoh walks into the same indecent mess that was until a few days ago their neat and cosy place for rest.

“So what is the problem again? Your sexual orientation?”

Yoh repeats the question more amused than concerned, while he tries to push from his side of the bed, scattered everywhere, magazines full of tempting girls and boys. He wants to settle for the night but, as it seems, the bedroom light won’t go off.

“I don’t question any more my sexual orientation. It goes along with my feelings.” Fei Long’s voice is edged with irritation, but he easily steers away, from ripped pectorals and into a tight briefs stuffed ass, his unimpressed eyes; yet their expression is changing to contented, when he lifts them up to face him.

“I’m Yoh sexual.” He closes the obscene publication in his hands, the ultimate dramatic gesture.

Flattered, but unable to fight the urge to pick on logical conclusion from Fei’s previous, unrequited love attachment, Yoh asks.” So, it means that for those seven years before, you were Asam…?”

“Don’t even think to go there.” Now, Fei’s eyes spring to life, taking on a feral glow.

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Date:2013-02-17 17:20
Subject:Fei Long Birthday's wish-list (activity) - Underwear design

This was the only style of underwear I could think of for the " Year of Snake" :)
Warning: Funny, but work not safe!

               Underwear flyer - sketch version 1Collapse )
Underwear flyer - sketch version 2Collapse )                                                                                                     

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Date:2013-02-08 00:07
Subject:"Sexual" - drabble

DrabbleCollapse )

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Date:2012-12-29 13:38
Subject:Happy New Year!

wishing you joyous and wonderful New Year!!!

Ps: I’ve manipulated my BJD boy; he might look more like Virgin Mary than a young Fei Long because I intended to use the picture for Christmas greeting as well, just I didn't manage to finish it in time =D.

Hope you'll  enjoy...

...and for dragonchiclet, and anybody who wonders about the BJD, here are more pictures of the “plane” doll; all of him looking more as young Fei.

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Date:2007-02-22 21:48

Thanks to clever sixtieshairdo  I can finally have "Eternal Summer" on my LJ :D
it looks to be beautiful movie and visually/graphically wonderful, so much alike Brokeback Mountain

....and LOVE

can't wait to see it

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Date:2007-02-01 23:40

I had never brace myself for  serious icon making but   inspired by Mantra’s Jake/Jared story, Cae’s lyric brushes and song from “30 secondtomars”( Jared’s music indeed left me in awe), all under the name (and about) “Beautiful lie”,  I couldn’t resist the urge to make some  icon- couples with  the same theme. Thought I’m not any expert I’ve tried to do my best and here they are my precious.



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Date:2006-11-06 14:06

      I'm getting acquainted with immense possibilities of Photoshop...
      and why not this way ? - my absolutely favorite moody pictures of Jake from Annie Leibovitz

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Date:2006-09-29 17:12
Subject:The sixth sence or...?

I had never before woke up with first thing in the morning telling myself “A crappy day ahead again.” But this Tuesday I did and it really was one of those “only” unpleasant days until it turned into a nightmare on ER. In the moment when all difficulties seemed to be solved my younger son felt down, broke his elbow and twisted the bone there. After doctor had decided for immediate operation we waited 5 hours, almost to the midnight, for next available surgeon with sleepy but jittery and scared child and only pack of ice I asked for him to relieve the pain.
During that time his arm got swollen so much that even despite successful surgery, without using  pins to fix bones, they let us a day in hospital for observation, afraid, blood circulation in his fingers won’t work without problem. 
Honestly, I don’t know, if it was my sixth sense predicting the entire situation then or those words were guaranteed recipe for bringing disaster. And though I’m not even superstitious, definitely never, never I’m going to start my morning with: “A crappy day ahead gain.”

Except all troubles I had one wonderful experience. My new neighbor (better said, I’m her new) went from the start through this turmoil with me, offering not only her time, phone, car ( as I was out of spite without car  and our digital phone system refused to function ) but also moral support, until my husband showed up, while her family took care of my older son. When you have nobody around this is the priceless help.
 I know I said it maybe hundred times, but once again: “ Thank you Janice, you are beautiful person.”

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